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IRobot@IRobotSoft is a personal intelligent Web automation software. It provides a powerful tool for you to automate everyday Web activities. You can customize your own Web robots to click links, submit forms, extract data, and save data to local databases.

IRobot features a small engine that can power everything you need for handling Web data. For many tasks, you can simply use a recording interface to record Web actions without any programming. However, with some programming, your can automate the interaction with the modern Web with more fun. IRobot supports JavaScript, JQuery, and AngularJS Web pages. Your robots can do heavy data crunching, data computation, and parallelization for you, and you can let it run on your laptop, your server, or your cloud computer.

Download our latest software here for FREE. Create your first robot by following the video demos.

IRobotSoft for Visual Web Scraping

IRobot@IRobotSoft is a visual Web scraping software. IRobot works like a tireless person surfing the Web for you. You can easily use the visual interface to set up a robot, watch its progress, and even run things in parallel. You don't even need computer skills to do the basic stuff! IRobot can be fun for Everyone! Follow our visual guide and you can become a Web geek!

IRobotSoft for novice data collectors: For novice data user, we provides a visual Web recording interface to let you automate almost any repetitive Web operations. You are able to create a Web robot to do just what you taught it to do -- to follow Web pages, extract Web links, collect pieces of information from Web pages, etc. You can easily feed the input and output data to CSV file, XML file, or relational databases with simple clicks. Simply follow our video demos to create your first robot.

IRobotSoft for data expert: If you are data expert, you will find IRobot extremely useful. With our powerful data engine, you can easily crack the most difficult Web data with simple commands. We support proxies, parallel processing, in-memory database, scheduling and task calls. We even supply a programming language for you to handle complex data logics.

IRobotSoft for Web testers: IRobot will help you create precise, robust testing actions with simple clicks. You will be able to run the robots interactively without any compilations. You can easily transfer your Web robots to another machine by just copying the IRobot software and the scraper robot. You can even run and control remote robots with simple python interfaces.



Have any trouble doing Web scraping? Join our forum today and communicate with our most experienced IRobot users. Our online forum will provide you the most timely help. You will be surprised by many more undocumented Web scraping features we have provided! We also value any suggestions from you.

We welcome your comment and support to improve our software!



Last Update: Jan 17, 2016.