2.3.        Follow Next Pages

The new.irb robot we have created can open every entry from a Pubmed result page automatically.  How about we let it follows the Next pages continuously, and from each next page, repeat the actions it does for the first page?  We will describe how to do it in the following.


1) Bring up a result page including a list of entries from the pubmed search in the browser panel like:


2) Mark the Next link from the Web page (move the mouse above the link, press the left button, drag the link slightly, and release the left button) (The highlighted Next link is shown in the above figure).


3) Right click on the action Get a list of links like *** from the left panel, and select the Repeat Property from the popup manual.  It shows a dialog:


4) Click on the [Repeat this action] check box, and click on the [Next Page] radio button from popup dialog, as in the following figure.  There will be a query shown in the text box, and a message Click a link like Next shown under the text box.  Then click the [OK] button to close the dialog.  Please be sure that the Next link in the Web page has been marked before you clicking on the [Next Page] radio button.


5) Done.  We can try to run the robot, and it will open each link page automatically and follow the Next pages continuously.