IRobotSoft Visial Web Scraping & Web Automation Software is the only Web robot engine for dummies. Our robots can help you collect Web information, submit forms, and connect to databases with simple clicks.

IRobotSoft Visual Web Scraping & Web Automation
IRobotSoft Visual Web Scraping & Web Automation Software:
Free Download:
  • ZIP version: (1.45 MB)
  • Installation instructions
  • User's Manual: User Guide
  • - No installation required, extract to a directory and run the irobot.exe;
    - MySQL version executable: irobot-mysql.exe (2.024 MB): You need to make sure that "libmysql.dll" (version 5.0) is in your path; or you may copy the "MYSQL\bin\libmysql.dll" to your IROBOT directory.

    Automate web clicking/submission with our most intuitive Web robot software ... follow me!
    IRobot Python support:

    Run robots from Python ...
    IRobot ActiveX support: (

    Embed web robots in VB/C++ programs ...
    IRobot Without UI
    (No javascript support)
    Run robot with command:
       irbrun xxx.irb /run:task
    • Debian Linux 64 Bits Binary: irbrun (1,682 KB, 2014.01.26)
    • GNU Linux X86 64 Bits Binary: irbrun (1,862 KB, 2014.01.26)
    • Windows: irbrun.exe (1,020 KB, 2015.01.01)
    simply run robots ...
    Email Marketing Robots
    IRobotSoft Email Scraper (
    Free trial, $20 to buy
    Extremely fast email scraping from any website or keywords. It can target specific countries including US, UK, and CA. Emails are retrieved in a csv file.
    • Super fast Email Scraping
    • Support site search and keyword search
    • Can target specific countries including US, UK, and CA
    • Completely customizable with the IRobotSoft software
    • Support any number of threads, depending on your computer speed.
    • Emails are retrieved in a csv file.
    find emails from any website ...

    Other Software

  • IRobot Bookmark Addon for IE
  • IRobotAssist Assistive Web Browser
  • New features:

    • Scripting interface
    • IE browser mode support
    • Calling JQuery with function: javascript('jQuery("#input-id" ).trigger("change") ')
    • Regular expression match (text ~= regex)
    • Regular expression search (text ~ regex)

    Existing features:

    • Easy Web recording;
    • Internal task scheduling;
    • Batch form submission from databases;
    • Automated form filling, data extraction, web automation, web computing;
    • Save data into text, CSV, XML files and databases, internal data sorting;
    • Load dataset from text, CSV, XML and databases directly, with SQL query support;
    • Support Access, MSSQL, MySQL, and ODBC databases;
    • Repeat on all dataset tuples;
    • Scrape data from popup windows;
    • Multi-thread robots surfing;
    • Animation and hiding in the taskbar;
    • Proxy support;
    • Image capturing;
    • Simulate key pressing;
    • Keyboard navigation;
    • Accessible;
    • Low memory and CPU utilization;
    • Feature robots: PUBMED literature search, Email Scraper, BLAST sequence downloading, Web mail checking, MP3 searching;
    • IRobotX ActiveX programming;
    • Web scraping from IE addon;
    • Form filling from IRobot Addon;
    • Data extraction by HTQL and regular expression;
    • Easy Email scraping;
    • Compose/send email
    • Address parser demo irb
    • Email parser demo irb
    • Embedded Web downloader
    • Embedded Web crawler
    • Python interfacing (from HTQL)

    Important Reminders:

    • IRobot uses IE Web browser;
    • Remember to set passwords for your private robots;
    • IRobot is ad-free software.


       IRobot Evaluation version

    1. Download the iRobot evaluation version rar or zip package and save it in a temporary directory;
    2. Extract all files into a local directory from the rar package;
    3. Run the irobot.exe;

       IRobotX installation

    1. Register the IRobotX.OCX by: (For ActiveX programming and Google Gadgets)
      c:\irobot\> regsvr32 IRobotX.OCX.


       Evaluation version

    1. Delete the irobot.exe and the "system\" subdirectory in its directory.

       IRobotX uninstallation

    1. Unregister the IRobotX.OCX by:
      c:\irobot\> regsvr32 /u IRobotX.OCX.