IRobotSoft is a leading Web automation software for everyone to automate the Web. It helps you create smart Web robots to do your daily Web activities. With IRobotSoft, you can simulate clicking links, submitting forms, setting up schedules, and even connecting to databases with easy interfaces. You can make a super-powerful robot to add friends to your social Web sites such as twitter, facebook, and others, and enjoy with your connection with the world! Download our latest software here for FREE.

IRobotSoft for Visual Web Scraping

IRobotSoft is a visual Web robot software for Web scraping and Web automation. With IRobotSoft, you can scrape tons of data from the deep Web with a single click! You don't need to have computer skills to do this! IRobotSoft is for Everyone! Follow our discussions and become a Web geek!

IRobotSoft for novice data collectors: The IRobot software can be used by novice/non-tech Web data collectors as well as skilled Web developers. For novice Web user, we provides a visual Web recording interface to let you automate almost any repetitive Web operations. You are able to create a Web robot to do just what you taught it to do -- to follow Web pages, extract Web links, collect pieces of information from Web pages, etc. Simply follow our Basic/Advanced User's guide to create your first robot.

IRobotSoft for Web testers: If you are a skilled Web testers, now is the time to stop wrestling with the endless HTML codes for web testing. IRobot will help you create precise, robust testing actions with just a simple click. You can also record the Web testing sequence without any coding. Keep your smart intelligence on the creation of smarter Web robots with our powerful/rich data manipulation tools. You can create those robots in minutes and have all the fun of Web automation and Web testing at your hand. You will be able to run the robots interactively without any compilations, and interact with your databases with simple clicking.

IRobotSoft for data expert: If you are a database expert, you will find IRobot extremely useful. You are able to handle Web data just like dealing with your in-house data. You are able to make the Web and your local database 'talk' to each other without complex coding. You will be able to deliver complete Web data integration solutions without patching multiple software packages that may not be compatible to each other. With IRobot, you can easily change the input and output database to CSV file, XML file, or relational databases with simple clicks. You can easily transfer your Web robots to another machine by just copying the IRobot software and the scraper robot without any installation.


IRobotAssist Assistive Web Browser

We are developping an assistive Web browsing system to help low-vision and physically-disabled persons better access Web information. Download free trial.

Want to contribute to the development of IRobotAssist? Please contact us at <info@irobotsoft.com>.



Have any trouble during Web scraping? Join our forum today and communicate with our most experienced IRobot users. Our online forum will provide you the most timely help. You will be surprised by many more undocumented Web scraping features! We also value any suggestions from you.

IRobot is created by IRobotSoft FREE of charges for all users. However, we welcome your comments and donations to improve our software and support our continuous efforts!



Last Update: Jan 20, 2013.